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Health anxiety and found a lump

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306235388 Sat 29-Nov-14 07:52:52


So background - I have suffered extremely badly from health anxiety in the past but am much , much better. Also I'm overweight in Case that's relevant.

So for a while I've occasionally noticed I might have a lump in my stomach but never investigated any further - it's only really palpable when I'm lying on my side - I think cos I'm so overweight.

Anyways it is just below my waist on the right side - feels maybe marble sized and is slightly moveable - doesn't feel smooth - feels like a big lump of bumpy fat cells if I'm honest? It doesn't hurt.

I'm going to call the GP on Monday but right now I'm trying to stay calm. Any advice? What it could be?

PleAse be honest but nice.


306235388 Sat 29-Nov-14 09:59:30


FoodieToo Sat 29-Nov-14 22:12:44

A hernia maybe? I wouldn't worry if I were you. I also have/ had health anxiety so I appreciate where you are coming from!!

It won't be anything serious. If you are thinking cancer well I don't think up presents like that.

306235388 Sat 29-Nov-14 22:34:57

Thanks I appreciate your reply

pinkfrocks Sun 30-Nov-14 09:39:20

when you say your stomach where do you mean? Your stomach is actually quite high up between your boobs and your waist.
If it's lower than that then it's not your stomach.
It could be anything- and certainly nothing like cancer.
It will be fat, in all honesty, and if it's marble size that is tiny.
Everyone has all kinds of lumps and bumps if they poke and prod- stop prodding!

306235388 Sun 30-Nov-14 12:05:33

Just below my waist

Bunbaker Sun 30-Nov-14 12:08:05

It could be a hernia, so you don't need to panic, but you do need to see a GP.

pinkfrocks Sun 30-Nov-14 14:20:11

A hernia tends to be in the groin - one side where the leg joins your torso- or as a very visible bulge below your waist when you are standing up.

Have a google of hernia

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