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Cervical Erosion & Periods

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MSC1969 Fri 28-Nov-14 17:21:06

Hi, I hope that someone out there may have had a similar experience to what is happening to me now. As few years ago I was told I had a cervical erosion & it was nothing to worry about. On 11th Nov I started bleeding (two weeks after my period), and it went on for about 5 days. I went to the docs & she examined me, took swaps for infection (which came back negative), and said she would refer me to the Hospital. That was fine I can cope with that, if that is all it is, but I am now really worried, as my periods are now 6 days overdue. Is there a link? I have looked on the internet and cannot see any link between Cervical erosion & late periods. I am not pregnant I did a test which was negative. I am really worried I have premature ovarian failure. I have a 3 year old child & would like to have more kids, but I am really scared. Can anyone tell me if they have experience of this? Thanks

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