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16 month old's incisors coming in crooked?

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marushka82 Fri 28-Nov-14 13:10:09

My DD is 16 months old and I noticed that her 2nd top incisors have grown slightly behind the first top incisors (they are not in line with the two front teeth if that makes sense)
Is this normal and they will get into place with time (or when canines come through?) Or should I be worried? To be honest I'm freaking out that DD will have to wear braces like I had to when I was a teenager...

snowmummy Fri 28-Nov-14 13:18:40

There her first teeth. No need to panic. They move around lots as they come in.

snowmummy Fri 28-Nov-14 13:20:25


Mrsmorton Fri 28-Nov-14 14:04:35

Yep, definitely chill out until adult teeth start growing. Even then, until the canines erupt (11ish) everything isn't sorted. Regular check ups as well!?

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