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Questions about my period (heavy, migraine causing) and contraception

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strawberryshoes Fri 28-Nov-14 11:24:43

I am 36, you would think I would have worked it all out by now - but I do have some TMI questions if anyone can help.

Firstly, I get a hormonal migraine every month. Has anyone had any success with taking a particular type of contraception to help with this? I have tried no contraception, and the basic pill. I am now on the mini pill, and none have done anything to help. GP was not very helpful and just said we can try every type until one works.

Also, I have 2 DC. My periods have always been heavy, but have seemingly got heavier after each DC, with the flow being REALLY heavy right at the start. The flow is more than any sanitary protection can seem to take on these days. I have not tried maternity pads though - maybe they would work! Is this normal? What can you do about it?

I am sick of leaks, stained jeans soaking in the sink, and all of this with a migraine to boot.

Am I alone with this?

AttilaTheMeerkat Fri 28-Nov-14 14:33:07

Something is causing the heavy bleeding to arise and the cause of it needs to be properly determined. I would be asking the GP to now refer you to a gynae as this type of problem is beyond a GPs general remit. Do not take no for an answer!.

Heaviness of blood flow can be caused by fibroids so an internal ultrasound scan could be done to assess the state of your uterine cavity.

LegoClone Fri 28-Nov-14 16:19:00

Have you tried different makes of combined pill? The differences between different makes are bigger than you'd expect (certainly in terms of the side effects I experienced while taking them).

I'm also experiencing migraines that I suspect are hormone related - not every month but always at the same point in my cycle when they do occur and they're becoming more frequent. I have something from my doctor to take when they occur which enables me to function (and without pain if I take it early enough) but leaves me feeling not myself for the next 24 hours, so I'm certainly interested in any prevention ideas that might be suggested.

In terms of heaviness of flow, Atilla is right - you need to insist on a gynae referral. Easier said than done - I got fobbed off repeatedly over the years and only ended up with a diagnosis of endometriosis by chance.

In the meantime I would recommend a menstrual cup to help deal with flooding issues. It's not something I thought I would want to try but gave it a go and it's made a huge difference - with the backup of a sanitary towel I know I can manage at least 2 hours away from a toilet without issues (and much longer when the flow eases off).

EdSheeransGString Fri 28-Nov-14 19:02:07

I have the same problems. I can't leave the house for long when I'm on my period because it's like a flood. It's horrible I feel sick, headaches and awful mood swings.

I have been back and forward to my gp for years and more recently in the past few months. After dd2 in June last year they have been a lot heavier.

My gp referred me for a smear test and an ultrasound scan. I go for my scan next week and they will be looking for cysts/fibroids/anything unusual and I'm really hoping they can figure out what's wrong with me.

My smear was abnormal so I had to go for a loop biopsy and I'm awaiting results. I am terrified, I'm 25.

Please keep pestering your gp until someone listens.

strawberryshoes Fri 28-Nov-14 21:07:51

Thank you everyone, I will make another appointment with the GP. Things are slightly complicated contraception wise because of breastfeeding DD2 still, but that wont be forever. I shall pester for a scan. I have had a reasonably recent smear.

EdSheeransGString, I wish you the very best with your results from both the biopsy and the scan - do let us know how you get in.

I wasn't sure, if after 2 children, my womb was just a bit baggy, so the first couple of days were flooding 90% of the flow, and the following 5 days were the last 10% taking its time just to make me wait an entire week before the massive pants go back to the back of the drawer.

Bloody AF. Literally.

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