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I can't move my fingers!

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Had a Taekwondo class tonight.. pretty tough one (I'm 47 and started a year ago..mad!)

Got home, knackered, had a shower and struggled to dry my hair as my right arm felt shaky. No pain but now if I move my arm it shakes and my little and ring finger are limp.. can't lift them and they are curled in..I'm struggling to lift my arm at all! (Luckily I can type left handed grin

I'm guessing I have squished a nerve or something ? Wondering if anyone has had anything like this, and do I need to see a gp or will it go away? Driving is going to be fun tomorrow :/

mawinter Fri 28-Nov-14 10:43:20

Pinched/Trapped Ulnar Nerve. Call your GP. It may go away on its own since it came on suddenly, or it may not.

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