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Is this IBS?

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Greekgoddess Thu 27-Nov-14 10:33:49

I have some food intolerances anyway but try to keep within my own guidelines. But I do <ahem> go to the loo a lot most days. I've now had 3 large poos since 8am. Sorry if tmi.

No pain, no runs, though definitely needed the loo NOW rather than holding on.

I always need the loo within a few minutes of eating breakfast then it's not unusual for me to go again an hour later and maybe once more during the day. Any anxiety such as going to a meeting or even going to catch a train and being on time for it gives me the urge to go.

chdmum2491 Thu 27-Nov-14 22:48:08

you sound just like me ! an i was diagnosed with ibs years ago nothing has been stop it except.for being pregnant ! i, it rules time, i cant even.make it.on a 15 to.go through sheer.panic that there.mite be traffic and ill end up sh*****g myself sad that hasnt happened.yet.but i feel it will.everytime im in the car almost shock it really gets me down angry
excuse all.the ... i have chubby.thumbs lol !

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