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Right, I have to go there - pain a few days after sex

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Catsby Wed 26-Nov-14 20:08:54

OK, I'm biting the bullet - have nc to an old name so I hopefully don't look like a weird sex troll.

Been having a bit of a pleasant resurgence of relationships with OH and the other day we used a (blush) toy. I think it might have bruised my cervix. We've used it a few times before and I thought it had the same effect but like an idiot I wasn't sure, so we used it again (god, can I just say how embarrassing this is writing this as a grown adult who probably should know better?)

The past few days it has all felt sort of tender inside, and I've been on and off quite gassy. I had a google and thought it seemed like I'd just been a bit banged up. But today it's felt really quite bad, gassy enough that I've struggled to stand up straight after sitting down for a while, though it's passed now. And today in particular I feel like my bladder is hurting. But not that it's burning when I pee, actually my bladder now feels warm (best way I can describe it) since I've emptied it.

Compounding this, I've been wondering for a little while whether I might have fibroids (heavy periods, occasional ache in cervix after sex) so I don't know whether this is what's hurting. But if the pain/ache is getting worse a few days, is it more likely to be an infection? I have no temperature, sickness or stinging pain when I pee. I did think I had a bladder infection a month or so back because I had backache that felt as if it was around my kidneys and bladder but I got it checked and it turned out to just be backache from a stupid chair at work.

Sorry if that's all TMI. I just wondered - without asking anyone to share gruesome stories, I promise blush - whether anyone had any advice? I don't want to waste the GPs time if it is just a bit bruised and will get better in a few days.

<runs off to hide in embarrassment>

Snugglepiggy Wed 26-Nov-14 21:45:55

Not quite the same problem and physical problems here but I posted about heavy bleeding after sex the other day and got absolutely no responses which made me feel a bit embarrassed and as if it was tmi - whereas in reality probably no-one around with similar issues?
I do have a couple of small fibroids,and a couple of years ago had two uterine polyps snipped when having a hysteroscopy to investigate very heavy periods.But like you DH and I have been more active and intimate - more time and more relaxed stage in our lives which is lovely.But very recently it's been spoiled by discomfort during sex deep inside and not always,but sometimes,bleeding after sex.The other night was particularly bad and as a result I've gone back to the GP and she's fast tracked me for. Gynae week with a view to a colposcopy/repeat hysteroscopy to look and see if I may have either cervical erosion or ?more polyps.Likewise after sex I often feel the need to pee a lot more than I used to,but maybe it's just an age thing -but I just generally feel a bit of a mess 'down there' which is really frustrating at a time when I feel closer to DH than ever.

Snugglepiggy Wed 26-Nov-14 21:55:14

Sorry that probably didn't help you decide to go to your doctor or not.Maybe one instance of discomfort could be down to energetic use of your toy ,but certainly get checked out if you get repeated pain,or non period bleeding after sex in the future.Better to feel a bit embarrassed but be safe I feel.

EBearhug Wed 26-Nov-14 22:00:18

I would go to the GP just in case - it won't be an issue if it's just bruising which has eased, but better to have it checked and not have a problem than vice versa. It doesn't sound normal to me (but then I can barely remember what sex is.)

Snuggle I've been on more than one thread about heavy bleeding, so I think you must have just got the wrong time.

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