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CIN 2 smear

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lmh3 Wed 26-Nov-14 16:51:20

Hi all,

Brand new on here and just wanting a bit of reassurance I guess.

I had my first smear which came back as showing high risk HPV and CIN 1. I was invited for a colposcopy which I have not long attended. I found out about a week ago that I'm about 5 months pregnant so the doctor didn't take a biopsy, he did however have a look and said it looks more like CIN 2 (moderate). I've been invited back for another colposcopy in 5 weeks time to make sure nothing's changed but am really worried about it turning into anything more serious during the 5 months.

Can anyone shed any light on the situation?

I obviously don't want to jeopardise the baby nor do I want to jeopardise my health.

Thanks in advanced!


lmh3 Wed 26-Nov-14 17:02:52

SORRY! I meant 5 weeks pregnant not 5 months... �� xxx

CarbeDiem Wed 26-Nov-14 19:44:28

Hi Imh3
Welcome to MN and CONGRATULATIONS! cake instead of wine smile

I know it's easy to say but try not to worry too much about it.

Have a look at this - there's some useful info.

I had abnormal cells (CIN1) that were picked up at 12 weeks in my first pregnancy, I was only 16 and terrified.
It was hoped that I just had the changes due to hormones and pregnancy and that it would return to normal as regularly happens with young women.
I had appointments at the Colposcopy clinic (or CC) so they could monitor me and at around 6 months the cells were CIN2. Even though I was still very young it was decided that they'd have me back every 4-6 weeks to make sure it didn't get worse - It didn't thankfully and I returned back to the CC after I'd stopped bleeding post birth.
They tried freezing but it wasn't successful so I went onto have LLETZ treatment.
I stayed clear until my 2nd pregnancy and the CIN2 twat! returned.
I didn't shake the buggers off completely for roughly 6-7 years and another pregnancy later, only after I had laser treatment to do so though. I've had healthy smear results ever since.
I was unlucky in that they kept coming back and also there's no real reason why as I've never been exposed to HPV -I was just told ''It just happens like that sometimes''

I know others, my sister included, who've had changes in early pregnancy and later after giving birth all was normal.
Just keep up with appointments, report any changes such as spotting, bleeding, pain etc.

Take care and I hope the rest of your pregnancy is a healthy, happy and stress free one.

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