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I'm off the Amitryptilyne! Now what.....

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SistersOfPercy Tue 25-Nov-14 15:52:48

I have scoliosis and EDS Hypermobility so my joints aren't the most stable. I suffer mainly with the bottom of my back (though occasionally other joints have flare ups etc). I was put on Amitryptilyne at night, only 10mg but supposedly enough to ensure I slept as I was struggling to sleep properly on my hip. I'm also on 2 30/500mg Codeine 4 times a day (which I don't take unless absolutely necessary or I can't function and this is more like 2 a day) and a low dose 5mg Diazepam for the spasm in my back. This is taken around lunch time.

For 6 months I've blindly carried on, I've found myself getting less and less energetic, getting up in a morning was nigh on impossible and I could sleep standing up anytime, anywhere. There was also the fog. My brain didn't feel right, I'd be searching for simple words and not find them. I'd gotten to the point where I was barely leaving the house unless absolutely necessary.

Last week I had an epiphany and searched the drug and realised it was probably what was making me feel so ill. On Thursday night I took my last dose. Today I'm awake, my brain feels marvellous and I've ventured to Tesco just for the hell of it. I feel human again. Sadly, my bones are now starting to ache...

I need to book a Doctors appointment now and hopefully they can give me an alternative to Amitryptilyne, but what is that alternative? Has anyone had experience of stopping this drug and finding another suitable one or am I going to end up choosing between fog and pain?

SistersOfPercy Tue 25-Nov-14 15:57:24

I should say, 6 months ago I was on 2 Diazepam a day, one around lunch and one at night, my GP replaced the evening dose with Amitryptilyne. Up until then the combination of the other drugs was ok, the only change was the Amitryptilyne and I only became a zombie after that was introduced.

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