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vaginal hysterectomy vs keyhole surgery to pin up the cervix/uterus

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clickingtockstopped Tue 25-Nov-14 11:54:03

Hello all - I'm looking for advice and personal experience around prolapse correction. I've been asked (patient choice) to consider a hysterectomy (keeping ovaries etc) or surgery where the cervix is supported by mesh then stapled to the sacrum. This is a relatively new approach (prehysterectomy - though used quite a lot for prolapse after hysterectomy) - so we don't know how it will fare over the decades to come (I'm early 40s). I feel more upset about making the decision than actually having the treatment - though I'm not exactly jumping for joy about that either. Both have +/- and risks. Please share any info or knowledge - I would really appreciate it. Thanks MNs.

itsstillhotinperth Wed 26-Nov-14 01:34:54

Hi clicking - there is a really good prolapse thread in health and the ladies on there are very helpful - however, I am in the same boat and have declined hysterectomy - I am same age as you. I have also declined any mesh procedure as when they go wrong, they go very wrong (small percentage of time) and i am not willing to feel any worse than I do currently. My urogyn said latest research shows that current good fix IS hysterectomy - then after healing, have the mesh placed. it seems concurrent procedures lead to much greater risk of mesh erosion and problems.

I have severe uterine prolapse, elongated cervix, rectocele and cystocele. I had repair surgery 13 years ago for rectocele and cystocele and they recurred after another pregnancy - which I was fully aware might happen. So I am living with it. And the best thing I can do to live with it is not get constipated as straining makes it the worst feeling ever. Sure, running feels awful and no trampolines for me and no heavy lifting but I (so far) am choosing to get by and managing. It has taken 15 years to get to this point and when it is really bad, I want to have surgery but I am too scared. I am sure the other ladies on the prolapse thread will be able to help more and tell you their good experiences. Just do lots of research before you decide.

cravingcake Wed 26-Nov-14 20:59:30

I'm about to go through with prolapse surgery to correct rectocele and cystocele. I have constented to a hysterectomy if it will give me the best long term outcome. I also am hypermobile and my ligaments are completely shot. There are different types of mesh they can use, one which disolves over time (sort of - cant describe it properly) into your own tissue and the other kind which doesnt disolve but can cause a lot of problems later on. I persoanlly am not having any mesh for my procedure. I'm early 30's so this has been a very big and hard decision for me as its so final but i have two beautiful children now and do not want any more. Its taken me a good 6 months or so telling myself almost daily that i wont be able to have any more children and i am ok with that so i can totally relate to what you mean about the decision raher than the actual procedure.

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