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Periods spotting and wetting!

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kissmelittleass Mon 24-Nov-14 05:14:26

My first change to my periods was about 13 months ago when I had about only 12 days between periods..this happened about 3 times on the trot then all went back to normal. That is until about june this year when my periods changed to about once every 5-6 weeks..last period I had was end september early october and this one lasted about 11 days with heavy bleeding and clots from day 5. Have now been "trying" to start my period for about 2 weeks I am finding red blood on knickers or after wiping so wear a pad but then it disappears again so basically am spotting every day either red/pinkish or brown blood..couple of teaspoons or just a smudging on wiping with it disappearing again but happening daily!have all period starting symptoms of sore breasts and bloating.. also finding bladder problems have escalated over last few weeks..have had stress continence for few years with leaking and always would get up once a night for loo but lately its awful I would go at least twice at night I also go alot during the day and never feel like I have emptied properly still have a full feeling..the worst thing is walking has left me saturated a few times now and I always go loo before leaving home..very embarrassing and horrible..on a scan few years ago I was told my bladder wasn't emptying properly but when I mentioned it to my doctor after he said it was fine ! so maybe thats the problem..anyway the worsening of my bladder problem seems to be connected with the periods going 46 and wondering could this be all menopause related??..anyone else here experiencing this?

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