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Pregnant and Pot

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MissFitz Mon 24-Nov-14 01:55:40

I use medical marijuana and have a medical card in AZ. I found out I was pregnant and continued to use until I was 3 months along. I had severe nausea and it helped A LOT! I was drug tested by my OB twice and was only notified after the second drug test. I have a few friends that were in the same situation and CPS showed up at the hospital to drug test them and the baby. Are there any laws that would not allow the hospital to see these two dirty drug test. I am currently clean and only want to avoid CPS ruining the happiest day of my life. I should add that no where in any paper work does the office mention a drug test, I did not consent. Thank you

Whooshtheyweregone Mon 24-Nov-14 02:09:21

Couldn't possibly comment on American laws. Find a U.S. forum and ask on there.

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