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Any idea why I suddenly have very dry lips?

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mckenzie Sat 22-Nov-14 21:26:04

I haven't changed the lipstick that I use. I haven't changed anything in fact.
I'm well hydrated, fit and healthy and in my late forties.

Any ideas please?
It literally started one day and they have been like it ever since (about 6 weeks now, maybe more). It's so annoying and uncomfortable. They are not cracked, just very dry and tight.


LuckyLopez Sat 22-Nov-14 21:26:55

Central heating and cold weather.

mckenzie Sun 23-Nov-14 08:22:37

Thanks for the post.
We don't have much heating on at home (i'm not tight, I just hate anything artificial) but I do spend a lot of time out doors. But the weather when it started though was very very mild. It's not even that cold right now really where we are.

LeoandBoosmum Sun 23-Nov-14 22:42:15

Check the ingredients haven't recently changed in your lipstick (if you have started a new tube).

KenDoddsDadsDog Sun 23-Nov-14 22:42:52

Do you drink a lot of fizzy drinks ? That dries lips out.

mckenzie Sun 23-Nov-14 22:47:25

Thanks for the posts.
No new lipstick and no fizzy drinks at all (except the occasional spritzer).
Could it be the menopause? My hair is definitely quite dry now (used to be a tad greasy so I'm not complaining about that smile.

LeoandBoosmum Mon 24-Nov-14 00:11:56

Hmmm... If the onset was sudden I'm not sure. I think there are some deficiences which can cause dry lips...perhaps B vits and zinc, not sure. Maybe others will be able to chip in. In the meantime, stay well hydrated, think about adding in a fish oils supplement (I have used Ascenta from The bottle with green spots. If you get the smaller one you don't get import charges plus from the States 2 day shipping is only $8). Also, think about trying Dr Hauschka's lip balm (about a tenner, it's in a pot and you can get it on with free shipping and with money off if you can google a code...)

Kittykat7 Mon 24-Nov-14 17:45:47

Have you eaten anything salty & keep licking your lips? Are you using a mouthwash containing alcohol or using baby wipes to remove makeup?

mckenzie Mon 24-Nov-14 17:53:01

thanks for the extra posts. I don't use a mouthwash or baby wipes. I haven't changed any products so I don't think it can be that.
I've today started taking a multi vit and a vit b supplement as reading other side effects of Vit B it could well be that.
Fingers crossed.

MarthaCostello Mon 24-Nov-14 23:41:28

Toothpaste? Even if you're using the same brand, the ingredients could have changed if you've started a new tube.

I was getting lots of mouth ulcers and heard somewhere about sodium lauryl sulphate in toothpaste so tried an SLS free one and they cleared up. A week or so later I realised I'd stopped my nightly ritual of slathering on lip butter before bed as my lips just weren't dry anymore. They've been fine all spring/summer and are only starting to dry out now we've switched the heating on (I don't like artificial heat either!).

But this is perhaps all completely irrelevant as it's come on so suddenly.

It could be dietary if your hair is suffering too. Hopefully the multivitamins will help smile

Treefalling Mon 24-Nov-14 23:43:06

Because you mentioned dry hair too might be worth a thyroid check?

mckenzie Wed 26-Nov-14 14:31:07

Thanks guys. I've just today finished a tube of toothpaste so I must have been using that same one while the changes have taken place.
Thyroid huh? I'll have a read up and see if I fit any of the other criteria smile

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