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Heavy bleeding after sex

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Snugglepiggy Sat 22-Nov-14 21:08:47

After years of heavy periods resulting in very low ferritin levels unless permanently taking iron,and having fibroids diagnosed and uterine polyps removed I thought in my mid fifties things were finally settling down.
I will go to my GP as soon as I can get an appt.but tonight just feel a bit tired and fed up of the latest developement.That is my periods have all but stopped.Very sporadic and much lighter.
But twice in the last week after sex I have bled and had pain,and last night in particular was a bloodbath,with DH and I stripping the bedding completely as such a mess.I suspect it's either more polyps,or a fibroid getting bigger but will request a smear as last one at least 3 years ago.Our sex life has always been lovely despite the epic periods - some 21 days -that meant finding other ways to be intimate.But frankly I'm worried and frustrated and just wish they would whip the whole lot out so I could be done with bleeding and pads before I'm officially old and using incontinence pads!
Anyone else experienced this and was a hysterectomy the answer?

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