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feeling itchy and have small spots here and there

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als30 Thu 20-Nov-14 23:01:39

Since a few days ago ive noticed I can be itchy in certain places on my body noticed small pin prick spots near these areas
can be itchy on both thighs at the side knees bottom of back and now the skin of breasts can be itchy
its really annoying as after I itch the area goes red
its not constant have no other symtoms and kind of freaked out before thinking all sorts
Popping in to the docs tomorrow to make a appointment any tips to ease the itchy sensation and any ideas on to what it may be

do suffer from itchy patches of skin in the winter but usually thats on my face ie forehead and checks

als30 Thu 20-Nov-14 23:29:29

Forgot to say have dermatitis (mainly hands)

spankingnewme Thu 27-Nov-14 04:39:11

Oooh bumping this as I have the same! One very dry sore hand I'm trying to heal with intense moisturiser and itchy spots on back, gave been lower back/bum but luckily those have gone, never had acne like spots anywhere else before, wondered if I was being bitten by something bed bug perhaps as don't think fleas as none of the dogs are itching! Any ideas....? Recently frontlined digs just incasesmile

mawinter Thu 27-Nov-14 13:54:53

I got this a lot as a kid, mother was informed we should switch laundry detergents and it helped as I never suffered from it again for many years. Last year it returned, but I was also getting massive red patches without evening scratching. We switched laundry soaps out to a sensitive one and behold the problem went away again.

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