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scan worry

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mamalou Thu 15-Apr-04 13:21:02

I had a 34 week scan yesterday for a placenta check which was fine. I noticed though that the baby had a very strange looking mouth as though it had overdosed on collogen injections (v. duck like). The sonographer did not seem unduly concerned but I am worried that it has some sort of deformity. Has anyone else experienced a concern over the appearance of their child from a late scan which has turned out to be nothing? As it looked a bit like this at the 20 week scan, I cant put my mind at rest by thinking it was just pouting at the time. I am sure I am being completely irrational but just need convincing that I am not about to lay an egg and give birth to Orville #2!

Thomcat Thu 15-Apr-04 13:32:11

I thought I was going to have a child with the worlds biggest nose! It looked huge on the scan!
I spoke to the nurse and she just cocked her head and said 'do you have a big nose, no. Does your husband have a big nose, no. Have you ever seen a baby born with a huge nose, no. Now go and enjoy your pregnancy'. She was born with the usual delightful button nose!

I'm sure it's the same with your scan, just aby caught at a strange angle or something.

aloha Thu 15-Apr-04 14:55:06

You are being completely irrational - but then you are allowed to be as you 34weeks pg! Don't worry. It'll be a trick of the light or something. YOu will be AMAZED how beautiful you will think your baby is.

wobblyknicks Thu 15-Apr-04 15:03:09

I had a scan at about 35 weeks and thought dd's looked really misshapen, literally as though one side of it had been bashed in and I was really worried and couldn't understand why it would look like that if there was nothing wrong. In the end it was hugely ironic because when dd was born she had such a well shaped head that 3 midwives asked me (in passing, not having checked my notes) whether she'd been a C-section because her head was so well rounded.

So don't worry, your baby will look fine!

wobblyknicks Thu 15-Apr-04 15:03:41

That should be dd's HEAD - sorry!!!

mamalou Thu 15-Apr-04 17:04:50

Thank you all for your messages. We have just been back for a rescan as that is what the sonographer advised when I called her this morning. Although the baby was in an awkward position and we couldnt get a profile shot, they managed to put our minds at rest a bit by showing us a face on one. It was not particularly clear but I think enough to stop me worrying. Your messages have really helped - thank you again.

toddlerbob Thu 15-Apr-04 21:51:04

My baby looked like that too. I'm sure your baby will have a beautiful rosebud mouth when you meet him/her.

nightowl Fri 16-Apr-04 01:45:42

and mine! her nose looked huge but after swelling at birth went down it was fine, and her large-looking mouth is lovely now...shes got little pouty lips that everyone comments on.

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