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lump on gum. abscess?

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anyoldname76 Wed 19-Nov-14 10:55:42

I woke up on Sunday with a swollen face on one side, as the day went on it swelled more and was very painful.
I phoned 111 but they just told me to make an appointment with my gp. Anyway by Monday the pain was unbearable and my eye was almost closed. I managed get in the doctors and have a course of antibiotics.
I'm going the dentist next week once I've completed the course.
Last night I started with a few new symptoms, my throat and ear seem to have developed an infection and ive now got a huge soft lump on my gum.
The swelling has gone down a bit but the pain is still there.

LIZS Wed 19-Nov-14 13:35:14

It may have burst which could be why there is less swelling but it may now be in your blood stream . Mine was an infection and the tooth required canal treatment , sorry.

jasper Wed 19-Nov-14 14:00:41

I'm a dentist. sounds very much like a dental abscess. inappropriate to have been given ABs by your GP . I despair , I really do. you should have been seen by your dentist pronto for drainage. not a GP.
it's probably an upper canine or premola

anyoldname76 Wed 19-Nov-14 15:14:54

Well the most disgusting thing has happened this afternoon, the lump burst in my mouth, its now filled up again.
It was vile

LIZS Wed 19-Nov-14 15:17:27

yuk , it is probably leaking pus. Can you get an emergency dentist appointment . At least they could check the ab's are appropriate and perhaps take an xray .

anyoldname76 Wed 19-Nov-14 15:33:58

I haven't got the energy go out this afternoon, I had to finish work early and now the dc are home from school. My dh has gone out and I can't face taking them on the bus with me.
The lump has gotten big again, I just hope it doesn't burst, I'm rinsing with salt water every hour.
The antibiotics I'm on are amoxicillin, I'm also taking ibuprofen and paracetamol alternate every couple of hours.

LIZS Wed 19-Nov-14 16:00:13

ring now and see if they can fit you in tomorrow. Hopefully jasper will return with advice but warm salt water rinses may help.

jasper Wed 19-Nov-14 17:31:35

Bursting , though yucky is a good thing! Bathe your mouth in hot salty water to help drain more pus. Just hot water if the salt makes you feel ill.

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