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Mini Pill and anxiety.

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Darkesteyes Wed 19-Nov-14 00:11:04

Im on a mini pill called zelleta I last had sex (a condom was also used) on 23rd 24th October. This is the only time ive had sex in 7 years. He was only inside me for less than 30 seconds as i found it painful. There was lots of foreplay and i do realise sperm can be present. I had my period the following week It started on 27th/28th October. I havent had any sex since. This months period is late. Im usually on a 3 week cycle. Is it the fact that the mini pill has stopped me from ovulating like it says on the leaflet? Because im starting to worry that i could be pregnant. Ive taken this pill regularly every day and not missed one. Ive been on it since mid September. Zelleta has a 12 hour window rather than a 3 hour one. Are there any doctors on here who can advise please? sad

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