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First period after endometrial ablation...

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JellyCurls Tue 18-Nov-14 21:28:36

I had microwave endometrial ablation about 4 weeks ago. Pain and bleeding from op finally stopped last week but tonight I am doubled up with stomach cramps. It feels like my period is about to come on (pain in tummy, legs and back passage - sorry for TMI)but can't. Is this normal? Gynae told me op would stop killer periods, not had pain like this in years. Really want a hot bath but was told no baths for 6 weeks post op

sydlexic Wed 19-Nov-14 14:27:00

I would get checked out incase of infection.

I do remember feeling like my body was trying to expell something and couldn't. It settled down after a few months.

I am three years on now and have no pain or loss, just PMT.

I don't remember being told not to bath.

JellyCurls Thu 20-Nov-14 18:08:12

Thanks. Have started bleeding now and pain & pressure has eased.

Just checked leaflet again and it says no sex and no hot baths for 6 weeks post op. Not sure why though

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