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Could this be a stomach ulcer

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jennymac Tue 18-Nov-14 14:04:15

A couple of months ago I took some anti-inflammatories for a sore arm which had been prescribed by the doctor last year (I had a few left). When I took them last year, I had no problems, but this time I had terrible stomach pains even though I made sure to take them with food and had to stop after a couple of days. Since then, I have been having pains like hunger pains, even when I have just eaten and when I am feeling particularly stressed, they are worse. I know I should make a GP appointment and I will if I don't feel better soon, but does it sound like an ulcer?

MiddletonPink Tue 18-Nov-14 14:28:43

Maybe get checked for H pylori?
I've had it and my symptoms were that of an ulcer. Upper gastric pain, made worse when hungry. A kind of gnawing pain.

PetiteRaleuse Tue 18-Nov-14 14:36:07

It could be and I wouldn't leave it too long to be seen tbh. I got ulcers in my tummy from anti inflammatories and it got quite nasty. Worth getting it checked out and treated if that is what it is.

jennymac Tue 18-Nov-14 14:44:30

Thanks. If you have an ulcer, can they cure it or do you just have to take medicine regularly to keep it under control?

PetiteRaleuse Tue 18-Nov-14 17:17:03

They will try and treat it with medecine at first. I think most clear up with that.

PetiteRaleuse Tue 18-Nov-14 20:10:40

They might also test if you have h pylori. It's a breath test - nothing scary.

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