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Could I be pregnant?

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Rish55 Mon 17-Nov-14 14:45:57

Hello everyone, hope you could advise me.

Although I know I can get a answer from a test it's unfortunately not that easy for me due to having PCOS & not getting accurate results. Normally if I get a Neg result I just get all depressed.

Symptoms past 3days:-
*Very gassy
*Feeling Nauseous (not vommiting though)
*On a special diet where I can only eat chicken, fish or eggs (been fine for 3months but since past 3days can't even look at chicken)
*stomach making very strange noises
* last period 27/10 - 01/11 (but very light) normally when I have my period it's very heavy bleeding

My husband asked me last night, maybe you could be pregnant?

I just changed the subject because we've been trying for 4years now & are not getting pregnant. I suffer from PCOS & also am over weight (43.2 bmi)

Could any one shed any light on this for me?

If obviously a lot of people think its pregnancy symptoms then I will go & do a test or go to the doctors for a test (more accurate ice heard)

- also my stomach is not hard, is it meant to be during pregnancy?

But although I am on a diet i feel my stomach has slightly (very tiny bit) bloated/bigger.

Would appreciate all advise/help


Matildathecat Mon 17-Nov-14 16:20:28

Rich, well it sounds quite possible but truly you need to do a test. We can hold your hand.xx

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