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painful ribs

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Misty9 Sun 16-Nov-14 22:01:10

For the last week or so I've had a pain in my ribs, mostly on the right hand side and worse when I cough or breathe deeply. I've had a bad cough for a few weeks, for which I got antibiotics last week. It's Less hacking now and more phlegm, I was also wheezing so got given an inhaler but only needed it once.

I had been thinking my bra was maybe too tight and to cut down on the chocolate but it's only a non wired feeding one and the pain is much worse one side.

Ideas? Yes I will go to the docs, again.

mawinter Mon 17-Nov-14 06:36:32

It is most probably just a pulled muscle, i get this all the time with a really bad cough and just had it again (still lingering a bit), after a really bad case of Bronchitis. Mention it to your GP though, just to be safe.

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