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Pill alternatives for someone with zero idea about contraception...

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sniffle12 Fri 14-Nov-14 18:30:12

I've been told migraines I have are a risk factor on the combined pill and I need to stop taking it when I finish the current pack. It came out of the blue - I've been on it for years with no problems. DH says he can't 'get it up' (sorry, genuinely couldn't think of another way of saying that...) with condoms and from the brief period at the start our relationship when we tried them I believe him. So even though we could use them, there would be no point in doing the act in the first place for how far we'd get.

I know there's other pills and other things that aren't pills - but I've never had to look into contraception very much - I've always had the same pill I was given when I first asked for it. I feel a bit clueless. Does anybody else who can't take the combined pill have advice? (particularly with migraines?)

Kundry Fri 14-Nov-14 18:40:47

I had to stop due to migraines and when on to the progesterone only pill - and it's actually better! I've enjoyed having no periods and as I got cyclical migraines those were better too smile

This website is excellent for suggesting which type of contraception matches best to what you are looking for:

specialsubject Fri 14-Nov-14 20:03:48

seconded - consider a progesterone only pill. As with others, you may need to try more than one before you find one that suits.

Cerazette for me is no problem and no periods, brilliant. But some people don't get on with it at all.

obviously you shouldn't smoke and don't get obese,but those are good ideas for everyone.

Kundry Fri 14-Nov-14 20:12:57

Cerazette is what I'm on - would say you have to bear with it at first though. I had daily bleeding and promised myself I'd give it 3 months before I gave up on it - a few days before the 3 months were up it stopped and I've had nothing ever since and that was 6 years ago.

ColdCottage Fri 14-Nov-14 20:16:44

The coil. Best if you've had a child but my sister has one and hasn't had any children yet.

I had a light patchy period for a month or 2 then just a bit of spotting for a couple of days a month now.

WestEast Fri 14-Nov-14 20:23:14

Go see your GP/practice nurse to discuss.
Personally I have a mirena coil, I lives it more than the wheel, gin and cigs.

DayLillie Fri 14-Nov-14 20:31:57

That happened to me - I had been on it for years and years and only had one year left to go. For some reason, it was suddenly too dangerous for that year hmm. I only get silent (no headache, aura only) migraines about once every 5 years. I was mightily pissed off.

Still the good news was that I discovered Libido. I thought it was just because the novelty had worn off grin

The doctor wanted me to try mirena because I would have no periods and could use oestrogen for meno symptoms. I really did not like this idea - I would have had one in the first place if that was what I wanted. I have since found out that only 40% of women do not have periods. There is also the issue of getting it out if it does not suit you.

I tried cerazette but it was no good for me. It certainly did not do the same things as the combined pill and I had loads of spotting and it caused more constipation. I tried Femulen that I had used whilst BF, which was immediately discontinued (they must have seen me coming.........) and another one. I have constipation on them all. This is not good because I have had a prolapse repair.

I gave up and we use condoms. There are better ones around than there used to be and DH has just had to learn to be a bit more creative. Everything else seemed a bit drastic. I only use condoms because I am 99% sure I cannot get pregnant now. (Even so, I have ended up buying pregnancy testing kits..............very blush at my age)

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