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Concern about baby

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OrangePeels Thu 13-Nov-14 23:50:54

My friend has a 12 week old baby. He has just started smiling, but not in response to smiles, just random. He doesn't make eye contact at all. He doesn't flinch if you put your hand towards his eyes suddenly and doesn't reach for things. He gazes at lights at a distance and seems to be able to see light and dark distinctions. He cries if you move him from being able to see a light but is otherwise happy. He will put his head back quite uncomfortably rather than look at you or something close.

Is this something I should bring up with her? I've tried to gently mention it to her but she brushed it off. Is it a concern or is it normal for some babies?

He just started cooing.

OrangePeels Thu 13-Nov-14 23:52:00

The last line looks like an afterthought but I was just trying to give a full developmental picture!

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