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period, hormones, short luteal phase advice?

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Linnielou5 Thu 13-Nov-14 21:20:04

Hiya....looking for advice as don't want to go to gp of it's something that can sort itself. Had my 3rd baby last year and didn't go back on the pill untill may, was only on it so I wouldn't get my period while on holiday so I came off it in August. Cycles were pretty regular pre pill and my first two cycles after pill were fine but last month it was a few days longer. I ovulate late between day 16 and 18, this month I had sharp ovulation pain day 18 (last Thursday) so I expected my period sun/mon but I've just came on today which would make my luteal phase only 7 maybe 8 days where I worked out it averages about 10. Anyway the other thing I've noticed which I'm quite embarrassed about is that when me and the hubby are away to have sex I'm really dry and I've noticed this when I'm at the toilet too and tbh it was like this before I was pregnant with #3. Is this just a side effect of coming off the pill or could it be something else. Just feel a bit embarrassed go to Dr, I'm only 33. I'm not ttc so the short luteal phase isn't an issue for that just wonder if it's all connected though. Anyone??x

Phoenixfrights Fri 14-Nov-14 19:43:01

Interested to read responses as I also have short luteal phase and the other stuff you mention. Although I am older at 39 [sob].

Linnielou5 Sun 16-Nov-14 21:10:01


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