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I'm 30, have a six month old baby and shingles - anyone else been in this situation?

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Spaghettinetti Thu 13-Nov-14 10:20:24


I'm 30 and have just been diagnosed with shingles and it's grim to put it mildly. I had a baby six months ago who was delivered by c-section. I'm not sure why I have shingles...I'm pretty healthy although I am prone to getting stressed and am rather tired due to getting up in the night/lack of sleep. I also have a TMJ/jaw problem. I was wondering how many other young mums out there had had it, whether they made a full recovery and whether it was particularly common in women who'd had sections? I also wondered if those who had the illness had managed to protect their babies from contracting chickenpox? I lot to ask, I'm just keen to hear from other people who've been in the same situation so I know I'm not alone!

anothercrackatit Fri 14-Nov-14 13:57:00

Hi Spaghetti, my friend had this when our children were about one, I think? It was a while ago! She took a while to recover but was fine and no one caught chicken pox. I hope you feel better soon.

UptobedNOW Fri 14-Nov-14 14:23:05

I also developed shingles when DD2 was 6 months old. It was in a band around my back and across my breasts. As I was breastfeeding at the time it was absolute agony. Fortunately it 'only' lasted about 4 weeks. I just took regular paracetamol which helped a little.
Have you been to the Dr? There are some medications that can help with the symptoms, I was reluctant to take anything because I was breastfeeding.

I didn't have a c-section but I did make a full recovery and have not had it since (2 1/2 years ago).

With regard to chicken pox, my DD had already caught that when she was 4 months old so that wasn't as much of a concern.

My sympathies to you, it is awful. I remember I couldn't even bear having anything touching me including clothes and I couldn't lean back in a chair. Hope you have a fast recovery flowers

Spaghettinetti Fri 14-Nov-14 14:49:00

Thanks for your replies. My rash is also on my back and my best breastfeeding boob. I've been prescribed Aciclovir and rest. The doctor advised me to stop breastfeeding while I'm on the drugs, so have had to switch to formula and use up my reserve stock of breast milk. I feel really bad denying my lovely little baby her booby feeds. It feels so wrong. But I want to try to protect her from catching chicken pox at her age and obviously from any negative impact the residual drugs may have. It's just hard. I feel really low and sentimental right now and really could cry for no reason. It sucks big stylee.

Spaghettinetti Fri 14-Nov-14 15:57:18

Uptobed, how did your little one cope with chicken pox? I'm glad that you made a good recovery x

UptobedNOW Fri 14-Nov-14 18:46:38

I couldn't get dd to take a bottle at all so couldn't take Aciclovir, hopefully for you it will help with the symptoms. Try not to feel bad, I know it's hard not to though, you are doing your absolute best for your baby and you.

My dd fortunately was not too ill with chicken pox, she only had a few spots and was under the weather for a few days. She caught it from dd1 who was absolutely awash with them and quite poorly. at the time it was awful, but I am glad it is out of the way, it's such a horrible illness.

Wishing you well, I remember crying a lot and feeling very sorry for myself, all I wanted was a cuddle but it hurt too bloody much to have one!

TaraKnowles Fri 14-Nov-14 18:52:11

Me too! But 15 years ago when my eldest dc was six months old. I carried on bfing through it, I think it was about four weeks of agony.
I went and stayed with my PIL who nurtured me.
I didn't have a c section.

Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of sympathy.

moniger75 Sat 15-Nov-14 02:54:23

I also had shingles after my son was born via c-section. He was only a couple of months old and I was breastfeeding also. It was on my back. The doctor put me on a medicine, but I was still able to breastfeed. I was able to get through it without anyone getting chickenpox. At that time I had a daughter that was 4 who had had the chickenpox vaccine and a husband that had never had the chickenpox or the vaccine. We were very careful!

SoonToBeSix Sat 15-Nov-14 03:20:52

Op you can breast feed whilst taking aciclovir . GP's can be paranoid re breast feeding and medication.

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