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chronic pain in throat, what could it be?

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plotmissinginaction Wed 12-Nov-14 14:16:51

Two years ago I became ill with a throat infection type cold, went to bed and pretty much didn't get out of it for six months. It felt like the longest flu ever. After various tests, a throat specialist and a scan I was diagnosed with post viral fatigue and told I would be better in a few months. Two years later I am indeed much better but I still have pain in my throat every single day. My Dr tells me I need to accept my diagnosis but I feel unsettled because surely something has to be causing that pain. It feels like it is in my glands or something. It's very tiring to have pain every single day and if I could get rid of it it would make a massive difference to my life. Dr's don't seem keen to investigate further.

Any suggestions on where I could go next? I am open to alternative therapies/approaches but no idea where to start. Or any ideas on what it might actually be. I had my thyroid checked and they said it was fine.

mawinter Wed 12-Nov-14 14:39:41

I had this years ago, it turned out to be Mononucleosis and from what you describe, it is very fitting to your symptoms. My throat ached for years following the infection, of course it does not help that I am a smoker. It was not like a burning pain, but more a solid throbbing pain. I used to suck on ice pops made from various juices and this would help with the worst days. Eventually it went away, but it comes back now and then when I get bouts of acid reflux.
Have you been checked at all for reflux issues?

plotmissinginaction Wed 12-Nov-14 14:45:47

Yes, I had some medication given to me for reflux as I do get heart burn since I had my children. Cleared that up but didn't touch the other pain, yes a throbbing type of pain as you say. Mono - like glandular fever? How did they test for it and was there anything they could do?

mawinter Wed 12-Nov-14 15:59:04

Yes, Glandular Fever. My doctor did a blood test for it back then, as I had suspected it after weeks of being ill and barely being able to get out of bed and ran my symptoms through Dr. Google. Supposedly, it can come back at any point as well, though less severe as the first infection. I believe it is always able to be detected in the blood even years after the infection, as I was recently at my doctor some months ago for blood work and he mentioned something in my blood work about it and asked if I ever had it (poor man is losing his memory I think).
There is not much they can do for it except for corticosteroids and a few other things, but antibiotics do not touch it since it is viral. Your spleen also needs to heavily be monitored during such as well.
I highly recommend trying the iced juices, but avoid milk based ones as that will make this type of pain worse off.

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