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Best medicine to actually stop a cough?

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WhoeverYouWantMeToBe Wed 12-Nov-14 08:13:50

Got stinking cold and delightful accompanying throaty cough, which isn't productive just irritating. Are there ANY medicines or home remedies that actually work? Tried a few but after about ten minutes of blissful silence I am back to barking again. I am going back to work tomorrow and will annoy the hell out of my colleagues if nothing works.

SquirrelSwarm Wed 12-Nov-14 17:16:12

cough supressants, such as pholcodene, available OTC

somewheresomehow Wed 12-Nov-14 17:20:23

having a baby did for mine
was coughing to the point of choking went into hosp to have my DD no cough after grin

agoodbook Wed 12-Nov-14 20:58:38

spoonful of sugar - add 2-3 drops of vinegar then down in one go. Tastes weird/wonderful/vile but works !

PigletJohn Wed 12-Nov-14 21:34:56

some versions of Benylin

fairgame Wed 12-Nov-14 21:37:05

Pholcodine works a treat for me

morchoxplz Wed 12-Nov-14 22:28:17

Spoon of honey works a treat.

rockpinkpumpkin Wed 12-Nov-14 22:32:11

Vicks Chloraseptic spray. I don't know why but it works.

goodasitgets Wed 12-Nov-14 23:47:56

Night nurse (only at night!)
Not sure if it stops you coughing or just renders you unconscious but hey, it helps grin

gobbin Thu 13-Nov-14 00:06:26

White horehound tincture. I get mine from Baldwins online but other places must do it. Great for shifting a lasting cough after the main cold symptoms have gone. 10 drops in a finger of water twice a day.

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