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sarahc131013 Wed 12-Nov-14 01:06:08

I am 34 wks pregnant with my third child and have never had piles before but i have just got them. They were so painfull that i couldnt walk or sleep so i bought some cream thrm the day after they started to bleed just randomly on and off and one of them has gone a bit green so i have stoped with the cream incase its a bad reaction to that. I cant get in to see the doctor yet and my doctors dont have propa midwifes so i have no midwife to call i am seeing a midwife on thursday but ive spent the past 2 days crying in worry can anyone give me any advice x

siiiiiiiiigh Wed 12-Nov-14 01:14:38


Go to the supermarket. Fill your basket with prunes, pile cream and KY jelly.

Slabber your bumplums in pile cream. Drink lots. Eat fruit and veg. When you need to go, get the KY jelly round the nippy bits.

And, speak to your pharmacist. They might be able to give you some cream with hydrocortisone to help. Especially mention the green bit - that doesn't sound right.

Proper green? If it is, maybe you should see OOH.

Don't worry. Piles are grim, but, they do get better.

Ask me how I know... x

sarahc131013 Wed 12-Nov-14 01:54:43

Its like a light colour green but since i got pregnant ive gotton a rash from just getting in bath and stuff so think my skin has become very sensertive to everything so im wondering if its the cream thats done this as before i used the cream they looked normal. Or what google puts as normal but ive found nothing about them being a funny colour any where. It lookes like there just coverd in a green mucas looking thing but when i get wipes to clean the area the wipe just comes back with blood on not green stuff

Puffykins Wed 12-Nov-14 03:03:32

I totally empathise. Hot baths always helped mine.
And whatever you do, please don't be talked into a haemmeroidectomy at any point (which is what I am currently recovering from, it is the worst pain I have EVER known) unless they are really really bad . . . .

siiiiiiiiigh Wed 12-Nov-14 21:15:18

How are you today?

I've not idea about the green - have you asked the pharmacist or rang your midwife?

sorry about your bum, Puffy.

Pelvic floor exercises can help, of course

sarahc131013 Wed 12-Nov-14 21:27:23

seems to be getting worse seem to be bleeding quite abit today not rung midwife as i dont have a propa midwife the doctors im at is two small but im seeing the midwife tomorow morning for my 34 week check. im starting to feel really depressed now and fed up. wish i new what to do

siiiiiiiiigh Wed 12-Nov-14 22:42:30

Glad you're seeing midwife tomorrow. Piles are just not funny. She'll be able to give you something to help. Will be better soon x

Puffykins Wed 12-Nov-14 23:47:10

Thank you siiiiiiiiigh. Hope the midwife helps sarahc.

sarahc131013 Thu 13-Nov-14 06:29:53

just got back from hospital was there 6 hours as i went to toilet and it was full of blood even tho id only had a wee. no doctor actually saw me for the reason i went it.

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