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My body aches.

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Icelollycraving Sun 09-Nov-14 20:35:56

Well,it feels fine when I'm on the move etc. When I wake up,I need to move about for a while before going downstairs. When I do,I have to do the careful stepping,not just walking/running that I've done before. When I get out of a car I feel the same. This is pretty recent,over the last month or so.

Icelollycraving Sun 09-Nov-14 20:37:01

I'm 41,so feels a bit weird to feel like this. Does anyone know what it could be?

lemisscared Sun 09-Nov-14 20:40:15

Are you overweight? I say this because i am and often seize up and have to move around a it before I work again.

Icelollycraving Sun 09-Nov-14 20:48:40

Yes I am. Always have been so not a new thing for me.

lemisscared Sun 09-Nov-14 21:00:43

Me either. I honestly think we need to shed a few pounds x

Icelollycraving Sun 09-Nov-14 21:05:33

Well I need to lose a lot. I think despite my size I've always felt tickety boo. Bugger.

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