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any knee/joint/bone experts?

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ladyliverlass Sun 09-Nov-14 19:55:30

hi everyone,,
been traing for seven weeks know and ive always had sore knees, crunchy, stiff and dull aching but recently whilst squatting i felt a popping/bursting sensation? there is a constant feeling of weakness and that my knee will/has given away underneath me. the pain is all over/around the knees and also at the back? and both knees when i bend turn inward?
im know also getting bruiseing in my thighs and my ribs feel as if ive been kicked but there is no bruiseing there!
any help will be very great smile

naturalbaby Mon 10-Nov-14 08:44:17

What training have you been doing? Have you been doing it with a coach to check your body position? I had a similar problem when standing up from a squatting position. It lasted a couple of weeks then cleared up. I had to be very mindful of my knee position and making sure my knees didn't turn in when bending.
I get a bruised feeling in my thighs after exercise and have had a similar feeling in my ribs when I had a bad cold and was coughing a lot.

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