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Swollen lymph node with Bronchitis?

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mawinter Sun 09-Nov-14 19:30:57

Following a thoracic surgery my body funnily decided to get Bronchitis two weeks post op. About a week post op my wound decided to leak as well! The surgeons had me on antibiotics against getting an infection in the wound, so I had to wait one week more before I could start something for the Bronchitis. Several days after the antibiotics for the wound were over my stomach acted up and my GP put me on something more targeted at the stomach infection and gave me tons of stuff against my cough and told me to return to him one week after finishing the next round of antibiotics. At the point of my return to him I was feeling better and then two days later, severe body aches started, fever, as well more coughing and at times severe wheezing, so he figured the Bronchitis turned in to something Bacterial in nature and gave me new antibiotics and an inhaler and sent me home. I started those antibiotics 3 days ago and today I woke up with a swollen Lymphnode at my jawline under my ear (leftside). I am also noticing that my left nostril is severely inflamed.
Does this sound like Bronchitis or something more sinister?

Le1890 Sun 09-Nov-14 21:22:08

I don't think it sounds sinister just that your body is fighting an infection. With all that you have been through it's not surprising to be run down x.

GalaxyAddict Thu 13-Nov-14 23:27:37

Don't mean to scare you, but I had a cold 2 weeks ago & made a full recovery, but noticed my lymph node on one side was swollen & really sore. Last Thursday it became really sore, and swollen that you could see it. Went to the doctors on Friday & was in hospital a few hours later on IV antibiotics for 4 days.
Mine was really sore, and hurt to move my head, but totally better now.

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