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What works for you when you have PMT?

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Itsfab Sun 09-Nov-14 18:45:59

I have been taken Agnus Castus for quite a while after a recommendation by my GP. Twice recently the manufacturers have changed the dose and form and I have just finished 29 days on the new tablet. Looking at the box there is a tiny difference in the ingredients but it is one tablet whereas used to be up to 4 capsules a day.

Today my period is due. Last month it was 5 days early. I feel like I want to run away. DS1 has been driving me nuts as usual but even without him being his usual self I woke up hating the world. I had a nightmare which got to me and I just hate everyone and can't stand the incessant chatter from the kids. The house is mess, the laundry still isn't dry and there is another massive pile of clothes upstairs.

I am stressed but I also know this is PMT that is getting to me and I can't face any more months where I feel like this.

Please tell me what works for you. I just want to cry.

wanzak Sun 09-Nov-14 20:26:01


Poor you. I've joined just to say that my terrible PMT (more like PMDD) got a lot better 2 months ago when I started using progesterone cream. It was only one cycle after I'd begun a new supplement regimen with evening primrose and calcium so I can't be sure that didn't help. It was recommended to me by my recent ex's mum. Has changed my life! I bought it online from the US, have followed instructions on the label.

What else helps... diet, majorly (always been worse affected by caffeine and sugar and wheat, and improved by fillet steak, but that may be personal!) and clearing my diary. The last two periods I've still had to avoid going out or exercising, which utterly exhaust me at that totm, and still craved pastries, but my mood was much, much, much, much better. I didn't even notice I was due!

HTH. It may be worth a try. And hopefully you're just having one really bad month!

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