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really heavy unusual period

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Lj8893 Sun 09-Nov-14 15:24:18

My periods are generally monthly but as they can be irregular i don't really pay much attention to my cycle. However, i think this period is slightly early.

sorry for tmi but it came on with no warning whatsoever with a massive gush, i actually thought i had wet myself at first!
its really heavy, i am changing my pad every hour and it has lots of small clots in which i don't usually get.
again, sorry for tmi, but it doesn't really smell like period blood either, it has more of a lochia smell (although not as strong!)

my dm suggested that i could possibly be having a miscarriage, although i am pretty certain i wasent pregnant, but it could be a possibility.

any other ideas or advice?

it started on Thurs lunchtime btw and usually my period would be tailing off by now but its still fairly heavy.

obviously if it continues i will go to my gp but don't want to do that unnecessarily.

uggmum Sun 09-Nov-14 20:49:26

This happened to me in august. I missed a period and then when it came it was grim. I took a test and it was negative but I did think it could be a miscarriage because it was so heavy. I've also had a couple of miscarriages and it was similar.

It went on for 10 days, really heavy, gushing and clots. I went to the doctor (out of desperation) and I was given some tablets to stop it. These took 4/5 days to take effect. The next period was on the heavy side but the one after was very light. So hopefully I'm back to normal.

It was an emergency doctor and I found him quite dismissive and when I asked any questions he told me to make a routine appointment. I think my iron is still a bit low.

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