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Took ONE yasmin and 12 hours later....

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MoonshineWashingLine Sun 09-Nov-14 09:57:42

Cue horrendous stomach cramps, diarrhoea, nausea and extreme lethargy! Took it at about 11am yesterday and still feel awful....

Should I bother going to gp or will it just pass? I'm not talking any more that's for sure! Anyone else had this problem after only one? Seems a bit of an extreme reaction...

Kittykat7 Sun 09-Nov-14 13:14:46

I took one & woke up in the night with bad nausea. I can't get on with any pills as I suffer with depression & migraines. Maybe see your Dr for another pill.

FrauHelgaMissMarpleandaChuckle Sun 09-Nov-14 13:15:46

I had the yasmin and got terrible stomach pains, indigestion, reflux and migraine.

MoonshineWashingLine Sun 09-Nov-14 13:34:10

I've tried loads... Microgynon gives me horrendous acne, cileste makes me throw up, cerazette constant on/off bleeding and now this one making me feel plain awful!

Time to accept I don't get on with hormonal contraception I think...

MoonshineWashingLine Sun 09-Nov-14 13:37:30

Done a bit of googling and it looks like stomach problems are quite common with yasmin...

Looks like it's back to condoms :/

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