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IBS Anxiety circle

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Edith29 Fri 07-Nov-14 13:35:22

Hello all.
I have just been diagnosed with IBS (although they still want me to have a colonoscopy to make sure it is nothing more serious). I have this I think for years but as I find it really embarrassing talking to the doctors about excess wind, diorrhea etc, I have only just plucked up the courage to go and see someone. I can cope with the loo visits as have got used to them but what I am struggling with is the awful nausea I feel for most of the morning and the anxiety it is giving me. The IBS / Anxiety is such a vicious circle that I am struggling to break. I know if I could relax a bit the IBS would settle but the nausea is just draining and stressing me. I am at the point where I just dont want to go anywhere (have been a little prone to anxiety at times anyway so this is just exasperating it) and all I seem to think about is my stomach and how sick I am feeling. (Am never actually sick). I am also in the vicious cycle of feeling too sick to want to eat then sick from hunger. I am just looking to chat to someone who understands. Thanks for reading this. Big hugs to anyone else going through it at the moment.

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