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Ulcers - how long for omeprazole to kick in?

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Enjorasdream Wed 05-Nov-14 17:04:40

DH has an ulcer, he had one 6/7 years ago, and it was fixed with omeprazole. Sunday, he was in bed all day with the symptoms, got an appt Monday PM and was prescribed Omeprazole 20mg. At the moment he's taking two steps forward, one step back. The omep makes him feel awful, and sweaty and nauseous. Then an hour later you can tell it's kicking in, and his whole demeanour changes and he's much Perkier.
I know he is not going to get better immediately, but we have flights booked for holiday on Friday. He can't remember how long it took to get better. He says if he feels ok to board the flight, we will go, but I don't want him just saying he feels better to save the holiday.
Does it take 4/5/6 days of omeprazole before you are truly on the mend?

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