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Stomach issues - what on earth is going on with my digestive system!?

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Delphine31 Mon 03-Nov-14 02:57:51

I have no idea if I'll get any responses to this as it's so late, and also this is a little bit blush.

Hey ho, here goes...

On Thursday I had a severe but short-lived upset stomach. Since then I haven't done a poo at all. This is very unusual for me - the norm for me is 1-2 times a day. I've also been really windy, which I gather from Google is unusual with straightforward constipation. I've had uncomfortable bloating & pains since Thursday too - also very unusual for me.

I eat reasonably well - getting my 5 a day most days and eat some wholegrains and a balance of other things so my suspicion is that this isn't just constipation.

Does this ring bells with anyone and can anyone suggest any remedies? I've tried peppermint tea, drinking hot water, got a hot water bottle on my tummy, had a very strong coffee earlier to see if that helped but no joy.

(I have ulcerative colitis but it is currently very well under control so I don't think this is related.)

cathyandclaire Mon 03-Nov-14 03:10:15

I'd get a check up with your doctor, it may not be like your usual colitis flare ups ( I presume usually diarrhoea, mucous and blood) but you could have a stricture ( a narrowing of the bowel) which can happen in UC.

Delphine31 Mon 03-Nov-14 03:24:43

Thanks for responding cathyandclaire

I have been wondering whether it could be some sort of obstruction, but trying not to get too worried about it. Since having UC I can be a bit paranoid about things like this, whereas before it wouldn't have occurred to me to worry about it.

My usual colitis flares are exactly as you describe, but I'm enjoying 18 months of 'remission' since starting immunosuppressants.

I've got contact details for the IBD nurse at the hospital so I think I'll drop her an email in the morning.

cathyandclaire Mon 03-Nov-14 03:45:06

That sounds like a sensible plan. Good luck smile my DH has colitis too so totally understand the bowel paranoia!
If you find you're not passing any wind or vomiting ( especially if it's green bile) then it's good to get seen urgently.
Hope you can get some sleep.

I have strictures and it does sound rather like that.. no poo and the weirdest noises and pains and food tries to get past.

Best plan for partial obstruction is a liquid only diet for a few days.. soups, lots of fluid and little else.. I also take Movicol. Then gradually reintroduce real food as your stomach resumes normal service!

I spend half of my life on soup :/

On the other hand it may be you just have a virus and it will sort itself out!

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