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Gallbladder removed now discomfort Help

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toffeelolly Sun 02-Nov-14 14:03:36

Had gallbladder removed 6 weeks ago all good doc said op went well stones all came out with gallbladder pain after op not to bad fully recovered 3 weeks after op

Now this week getting discomfort more than pain around top of stomach rib and top of back area and feeling it sometimes around shoulder and armpit both sides.

Now worried incase some stones left in God hope not just hoping I have pulled something am also on indigestion tablets. Anybody had this?

HowsTheSerenity Mon 03-Nov-14 00:24:38

It is common to have nerve irritation due to the carbon dioxide used in the surgery. It irritates the nerve under your diaphragm and causes referred pain to the shoulder. Some people have it for 24 hours some longer. Mine I've had for 9 months. There is nothing you can do.

This could be one cause. I would see your GP and/or surgeon for more advice.

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