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IBS and daily diarrhoea

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mummmypirate Sun 02-Nov-14 10:03:19

For the past 6 weeks I've had diarrhoea every day. A few times it's woken me in the night but is mostly limited to several trips in a couple of hours in the morning.

No real pain - just cramping before I need to visit loo - and an extremely gurgly tummy. No blood or mucus. It's a normal colour, if a bit yellow. This started with what I thought was a stomach virus - had awful headaches and nausea for weeks, those symptoms have cleared up now. I've visited GP twice and did stool sample and blood tests - all normal. GP has now suggested post-viral IBS.

I lost 3/4 stone at the beginning of all this but have stopped losing weight now my appetite has returned. Have tried cutting out milk - no effect - and my coeliac test came back negative. No other medication.

I know I need a colonoscopy to rule things out, but has anyone else experienced anything like this to help put me ease in the meantime. How I long to knock out a normal poo! Never experienced anything like this before.

Sparklingbrook Sun 02-Nov-14 10:29:54

Oh you poor thing, that sounds really miserable.

Having suffered IBS in the past what helped me was Multibionta vitamins. They seemed to calm things down after a couple of weeks.

Le1890 Sun 02-Nov-14 13:29:22

Sorry you are dealing with this.

Just want to add that I had a stomach virus in March and like you describe was plagued for weeks afterwards with stomach aches, diarreah and it had mucus through it. Sometimes waking up through the night with it. To be honest thing never really settled down much so I pushed for a colonoscopy which I had last week. The findings were entirely normal. I was told it was ibs.

Since I've had the colonoscopy clearing out my system with the stuff you have to drink, that's also upset my bowels! I had a curry the other night and I was up through the night cramping and diareah etc. I also had it a few days before after a huge salad!

It does sound like a post infectious ibs. But obv get it checked it worrying. That's what made me check it out. X

silversixpence Sun 02-Nov-14 13:34:33

Have a look at the low FODMAP diet - it identifies all fermentable foods so you can avoid them. It's quite restrictive - no wheat, onions or garlic for a start - but a lot of sufferers find it effective.

mummmypirate Mon 03-Nov-14 19:17:04

Thank you so much for replies - and sorry you've suffered/ are suffering too. Thankfully good day today, only 2 loo visits! Desperately trying to overthink this - swear I'm developing a poo phobia which might be turning whole thing into vicious cycle!

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