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Mallet finger

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FingerTrouble Sat 01-Nov-14 22:58:24

I had a mallet finger injury - torn tendon plus a small bone fracture. Initially I couldn't move the joint at the end of my finger stall, but after 8 weeks in a splint the tendon has successfully reattached. It's still a bit bent but in the circumstances I'm not complaining.

I've been doing my physiotherapy moderately diligently. However, I can sometimes feel a clicking sensation inside my finger. It doesn't really hurt, but the finger sometimes seems to get stuck and won't straighten, then it suddenly clicks back into place. It's also quite stiff at times and there are some things that are difficult to grip.

Has anyone had this, and if so how long did it take to recover after the splint came off? It'so been about 2 months so far, but I'my not sure whether this is something that will gradually get better or should I go back to the doctor about it, or what.

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