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Noises in ear

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RufusTheReindeer Sat 01-Nov-14 15:35:27


Wonder if anyone could help

I have a noise in my ears/head. It's lasted all day and I've had it before. When I've had it better it's just gone, no ear popping or anything like that

It sounds like when I've been to a nightclub or loud party and I can't hear properly the day after...but I haven't done either of those things!

Might it be sinus related? Or titinus ? Have I even spelt that right?

RufusTheReindeer Sun 02-Nov-14 11:27:40

Still have it today...very annoying

pinkfrocks Sun 02-Nov-14 12:05:22


It may well go quite soon- have you had a cold because it's often something that happens after a cold.

RufusTheReindeer Sun 02-Nov-14 13:33:09

Thanks pink

I had a cold a few weeks ago..

I'm also thinking it might be reoccurrence of labyrinthitis

I think you are right, need to leave it for a few days

pinkfrocks Sun 02-Nov-14 14:24:41

Laby affects your balance though more- and you'd feel quite poorly?

RufusTheReindeer Sun 02-Nov-14 14:33:24

I think it can vary though

But you're right, last time I had it I felt drunk for days...

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