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NuvaRing anyone (vaginal ring contraception)?

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HerVagesty Thu 30-Oct-14 21:01:29

So I have my 6-8 week check tomorrow and they will likely sort me out with some contraception.

I used to be on Marvelon which was perfect, but I no longer react swell to it after having had babies. I tried the implant and just got fat and bled a lot so that had to go. I'm not even going to consider the coil.

Ideally I would like to be sterilised. I am in no fit state mentally to have any more kids - two is plenty. Having any more would be unfair on them, my DH, DD and DS. However they won't even consider it at 28.

Does anyone here use the ring? Is it good? Can it be used continuously like the pill can, to prevent periods?

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