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Is this a virus ? Or normal food poisoning?

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KillmeNow Thu 30-Oct-14 16:18:30

I have had a week or so of raised glands in neck - feeling a bit tired and illish but nothing really worrying. I have a stressful job and often feel dragged down by it.

On Sunday I started with an upset stomach and went easy on the food i was eating. On monday it was a bit worse but terrible.Monday night I was up and down to the loo.Tuesday I didnt eat a thing and the night was worse with vomiting thrown in. Wednesday no food again just sips of water and again up and down in the night.Just a little vomiting. Today still nothing to eat and fewer trips to the loo but I fell like Ive been run over by a truck.My whole midsection hurts and my stomach is distended and sore.

It could be some sort of food poisoning though as I ate a cream based pudding that was out of the fridge for hours when I ate it. But Im confused by the way its developed.Nothing Ive ever had before hurt so much and has gone on for so long with little improvement.

I would be grateful for any input as Im scared to eat anything now.

Honeezreturnofthelivingdead Fri 31-Oct-14 07:44:01

DH and DS have had/got it
sounds like a virus but its really horrible. Has dragged on all week.
Hope you are better soon

CharlotteInBlue Fri 31-Oct-14 12:17:06

I had a virus like this but just felt really nauseous with dizziness, stomach ache and just feeling not right. Mine started nearly a week ago and yesterday I finally thought it had gone but today feel sick again. My DC had it a few days before me but it only lasted a few days. I'm really fed up with it.

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