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I just found what I think is a lump

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BlotOnTheLandscape Mon 27-Oct-14 04:37:45

Just that really, hard and sore and moves around. Totally different to the other one which feels normal.

ColdCottage Mon 27-Oct-14 05:11:51

Please don't worry. Go and see your GP today. Most end up to be cysts but you need to rule out its nothing nasty. Take a friend with you if you are nervous. thanksthanks

BlotOnTheLandscape Mon 27-Oct-14 09:03:17

Thank you. I can't go today (nobody to have the DCs and it'll freak them out anyway) so I am going to go another day this week when they are all out with friends and won't know about it.

JubJubBirds Mon 27-Oct-14 09:08:39

I second Cottage's post. Have you been to the GP for a lump before? They'll have a little look and a feel and then send you off to see a specialist for a more knowledgeable opinion and better tests.

Good luck at the GPs this week. Try not to worry about it in the meantime thanks

BlotOnTheLandscape Mon 27-Oct-14 09:41:13

No, never sad

JubJubBirds Mon 27-Oct-14 10:30:54

Feel free to take someone with you if you'd like the support, you dint have to do it by yourself. The GP appointment will be over before you know it.

SpookyGoingsOnOnTheLandscape Thu 30-Oct-14 17:13:59

Thanks for the support, I went with a friend yesterday and the GP reckons it is all fine. I'm to go back in a week to let her check it again.

JubJubBirds Thu 30-Oct-14 19:33:39

Great news! Well done for being brave. smile
Just as an aside; Feel free to request a referral to a clinic next time you go to the GP if you want a second opinion.

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