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Vagina pain after heavy lifting?

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Calypso45 Mon 27-Oct-14 01:20:49

Hello ladies,

I'm new here just wondered if any of you have ever experienced anything like this? I've seen so many doctors who don't know what it is. Sort of at my wits end.

6 weeks ago I lifted very heavy boxes at work for 12 hours. I weigh 57kg and the boxes together weigh 40kg ( we usually lift boxes 10-15kg at a time but normally on their own)

Next day I had shooting pains in my vagina when walking, when going from sitting to standing, or lifting any object.
With constant back and front pelvic pain similar to bad period pain.

Medics thought prolapse, Surgeons thought hernia, GP thinks it's gyne, gynecologyst thinks it's referred pain and not to do with vagina. X ray and 2 ultrasounds (including internal v painful) show no abnormalities as do bloods, urine tests. We're really just going round in circles.

Periods are no more painful than usual and no change in length or time between bleeding.

I've been with my faithful partner 3 years and both have been sexually screened.

I still have the same symptoms. I feel fine at rest but as soon as I start to do anything at all strenuous (and by that I mean walking from my house to the car or carrying a bag) I am in excruciating pain which can last for days.

Please help!

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pinkfrocks Mon 27-Oct-14 11:22:07

You've had a lot of people look!

Usually, that kind of pain after lifting is an indication of a prolapse.
IF they are sure that you don't have one, then it's not. Did they do the usual internal with a 'cough and bear down' to see if anything was moving?

It could though be some pulled muscles.

Calypso45 Mon 27-Oct-14 11:34:02

Ha I know you'd have thought someone would know. I don't think the gyne did.
Next step they want me to see a spine doctor... Apart from the 'period pain' feeling I don't really have back pain.

But it's not got any better in 6 weeks it's actually worse now.

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Calypso45 Mon 27-Oct-14 11:34:42

I would have thought pulled muscles would show some improvement / swelling or something

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pinkfrocks Mon 27-Oct-14 12:15:19

You have muscles in your vagine- they go up and down and round and round. You could have pulled these but 6 weeks is a while ago now.

Have you got DCs? if you have then I'd pursue the prolapse idea and if necessary ask for another opinion. (Did he examine you asking you to bear down??)

If you don't have DCs then it's possible but not so likely.

Calypso45 Mon 27-Oct-14 12:43:56

No kiddiewinkles as of yet and the very expensive gynaecologist doesn't think its prolapse... But then no one has asked me to bear down.

They don't seem to have seen it heard of anything like this.

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pinkfrocks Mon 27-Oct-14 14:55:34

If this is not TMI- how were you examined? The usual procedure ( you can tell I've been through this ) is to lie on your side on the couch, they insert a special speculum that is like half a one so they can see the walls, and then they ask you to push ( ie as if you are having a big poo.) That way they will see if there is any bulging.

Calypso45 Mon 27-Oct-14 15:07:36

Ah they didn't do that at all, was that a normal doctor you went to or gyne? Did you have pain all the time or was it just when you did certain things?

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pinkfrocks Mon 27-Oct-14 15:12:00

I don't want to give all the details here but I had a prolapse repair almost 25 years ago. I saw my GP and 2 consultants before the 2nd one agreed there was a problem. I didn't have pain.

pinkfrocks Mon 27-Oct-14 15:13:25

This thread is currently half way down this forum- you might get more answers posting there.

Bassetfeet Mon 27-Oct-14 19:26:53

I get this and it is back injury related the docs think . Waiting for MRI.

So could be nerve pain radiating from back injury . Horrible shooting pain into your nether regions .

roseyg Fri 03-Aug-18 23:01:25

Hi, I just wondered what the outcome was. I’m in the same situation. Had the pains for three months now. Always worse when standing, appears to be triggered by lifting. At its very worst, I was in agony anytime I did anything other the lay still! It’s massively effecting my life and I’m struggling as a single, working mum. I’ve had ultrasounds (including internal), blood tests, urine tests, feacal tests, but all to no avail! I’d love to hear if you got a diagnosis or even if it just eventually cleared up. Thanks

Powershell Sat 17-Nov-18 22:26:38

Hi all,
Similarly to roseyg, I’d love love to hear more about how you’ve managed to get over this pain.
I’ve been having the same issue since March. After few months of pelvic floor exercises and not a great deal of improvement I’m about to see a sports doctor and have few more MRIs - my left adductor is also affected by this pain they usually come hand in hand. My gynaecologist was happy with everything but I do have a rectocele which he thinks it wouldn’t give me pain :/

My osteopath mentioned Botox injection into the pelvic floor which seem to stop those spasms - it’s a bit of a scary thought to have that done, but if it means that I could run or lift my children again, I might consider it.

My life has changed so much since all this started and it’s hard to stay positive, but I’m trying my best.

Any advice or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

sassymummy1 Fri 08-Mar-19 23:35:45

Hi I have the exact same symptoms
Mine went then when I started weights again at the gym they returned. Sharp shooting pain when I walk around the base of my stomach and down there!! Makes me walk funny to reduce the sharp shooting spasms

Pea144 Fri 18-Oct-19 19:06:31

I have the exact pelvic pain, when lifting and standing as mentioned above. Has anyone found out what this could be?

Dalea Wed 01-Jul-20 14:28:33

I can’t understand why someone would waste so much time and money going to so many doctors when the pain is obviously related to the strain from lifting something heavy
I’ve had the same sharp shooting pains for a couple weeks now and figured it may be symptoms of a strain so I kept still for over a week
No exercise or lifting and it’s starting to disappear
Gradually.. it’s almost gone now

Dalea Wed 01-Jul-20 14:33:00

I am also menopausal and abstinent so after doing my own research on the causes most would not have apply to me So I just rested from hill running and heavy gardening and it’s much improved almost gone
I use to have sharp pain when using bathroom or just a sudden movement while sitting
I no longer has those symptoms after a full week of resting

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