Mesh op on Monday for prolapse- freaking out!!!!

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Naturally2806 Sat 25-Oct-14 13:06:01

Hello!! Please help!! Freaking out. Due for keyhole sacrohysteropexy and anterior and posterior repair on Monday. Not really had any discussion on side effects with surgeon. At pre op appointment tried to ask questions and the dr told me she was just assessing my health for surgery and couldn't really answer my questions fully. Just been on NICE website which wasn't very reassuring at all. Now seeing the posts in here I'm absolutely terrified I'm doing the wrong thing and thinking of cancelling Monday. Although my symptoms do affect my everyday life and relationship with my hubby they are not as severe as some who have posted on here. Should I cancel it and leave well alone at the risk of making it worse?? In scared the mesh could damage my spine and I don't understand all the stuff on eroding

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gamerchick Sat 25-Oct-14 13:10:26

Nooooo don't cancel it. I'd love to get mine repaired and sod the risks but just haven't got the time.

If it affects you everyday then it's needed. A new lease of life.

Naturally2806 Sat 25-Oct-14 15:30:50

Urghhhh. Hugely worried. There has been an 8 section thread on here about it and struggled to find any positive comments, only women who are worse off than before. One lady was so badly damaged by the op she doing a charity thing to raise awareness of the risks and side effects. I'm so frightened I'm literally shaking myself to pieces! sadconfused

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Matildathecat Sat 25-Oct-14 17:03:58

You have to remember that when threads like that are started it will be because the posters have had problems. People very rarely start threads or indeed lurk on health pages when they have had successful surgery and getting on with life.

When you go in for the surgery you should, legally be offered a full explanation of the surgery with risks and benefits. You can ask as many questions as you like ( although of course there will be time restraints from spending too long). Ultimately it's up to you, only you can know how much you want the repair. Unfortunately all surgery comes with some risks but hopefully the benefits are greater.

Afibtomyboy Thu 01-Oct-20 21:47:59

Did you have? Sorry to ask so late in the day... but how are you? Was it successful?
I am due mine in two weeks!

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