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Slight embarrassing mirena coil question

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ponygirl Sun 11-Apr-04 13:22:19

Embarrassing for me because I have to ask, that is! I had a mirena inserted after ds2 (about 10 months ago) and I've been really rubbish about checking the threads (I know, I know I should have) but I am a bit squeamish about poking about down there. Anyway, I thought I should have a look and I can't find them, though I'm hoping that's because I'm too crap to know what I'm looking for. Are they difficuly to miss? Because I had a good poke round and couldn't feel anything that didn't feel like it belonged to me. Feeling a bit worried about it now, so any advice gratefully received. And yes, I know about Twinkie and susanmt: that's why I'm worried!

ponygirl Sun 11-Apr-04 15:59:25


essbee Sun 11-Apr-04 16:03:42

Message withdrawn

ponygirl Sun 11-Apr-04 17:09:49

Thanks essbee. Was starting to think that myself...

ponygirl Sun 11-Apr-04 22:23:04


nikcola Sun 11-Apr-04 22:24:17

sorry to but in what does bump mean

ponygirl Sun 11-Apr-04 22:44:12

bumping up the active conversations list!


girlie Sun 11-Apr-04 22:49:32

I have a coil and I have never checked for the threads - why do I need to do this? Should I be worried?

ponygirl Sun 11-Apr-04 22:51:54

To make sure it's still there, at least that's why I'm looking. Am terrified of getting pg as it would be my fourth, and I'm not sure I'm up to that.

girlie Sun 11-Apr-04 22:59:10

Thanks. Surely I would know - see it, feel it - if it came out?

ponygirl Sun 11-Apr-04 23:01:26

Well, you'd think so wouldn't you? But both susanmt and Twinkie got pg because their mirenas fell out, so it's definitely possible. (scared smiley!)

girlie Sun 11-Apr-04 23:05:39

Yikes, now I'm worried! Will be checking shortly. Good night!

ponygirl Mon 12-Apr-04 20:22:27

bumping (slightly desperately)

ponygirl Mon 12-Apr-04 20:56:07

and again?

Twink Mon 12-Apr-04 21:34:09

I find mine quite hard to find sometimes (short fingers) so if I'm in doubt I get dh to check..

Debbiethemum Mon 12-Apr-04 22:18:01

I could never feel my threads at all, dh could though so I used to ask him if they were still there !!

ponygirl Mon 12-Apr-04 23:28:23

Dh has said before that he can feel them, but not with his fingers (ahem) - getting him to check might just defeat the object IYKWIM!

2babies Tue 13-Apr-04 00:41:12

bumping for you, ponygirl. just wondering why would one choose to have the mirena coil over the pill?

Batters Tue 13-Apr-04 11:56:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tetley Tue 13-Apr-04 12:01:32

I had a mirena fitted a few weeks ago & I think I can feel the threads, but I'm not sure. I think it's quite hard to tell what's what (IYKWIM)!

Definately go & get it checked anyway & ask the doctor/nurse for some advice on what it should feel like.

2babies - in answer to your question, it saves having to remember to take the pill every day, it;s also a lot less hormone than the pill, as the hormone is released in situ, as it were, and also with a lot of people it reduces if not stops your periods!

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