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Parkinsons please advise

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triplets Wed 08-Oct-14 07:54:47

Think my dh is about to be diagnosed with this, he is ticking too many boxes. We have our first appt with a neurologist in Nov. Very worried.

Delphine31 Wed 08-Oct-14 08:05:56

Triplets, I am sorry. I know this must be really worrying.

I can't really give you advice but I know that if you look at the info on the NHS website about Parkinson's it is informative and balanced. Otherwise I would avoid doing too much research online.

My dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 2010. More than four years on and he is still leading a full and active life although admittedly he is getting gradually slightly slower.

The medications available seem to be very effective and any time the doctors change the dose or give him a new drug he sees a noticeable improvement.

He sees his consultant regularly and they keep a close eye on him.

But, I'm sure that my father is quite a bit older than your DH so it's easier for us to accept that he has Parkinson's and he himself is managing to be quite positive about it.

Sorry, I don't think any of that is particularly helpful but I wanted to show support in some way.

Delphine31 Wed 08-Oct-14 12:37:54

Now being new to MumsNet I'm not sure what bump etiquette is, but I feel sure that if people had seen this you would have had some more responses, so I'm posting again to 'bump' the thread up.

triplets Wed 08-Oct-14 16:43:40

Thank you Delphine..........well I suspect my dh is older than your Dad! My dh is 72, 11 years older than me, we have been married for 36 years! The last 20 years have been such a roller coaster. In 1994 our then only child Matthew collapsed and died in our garden, he was 14. 4 years later after ivf I gave birth to triplets, I was almost 46. (adorable baby pic on profile) . Then 6 years ago dh was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer, it spread to his liver and left lung. He has been in remission for just over 2 years. He developed a tremor in his left hand just over a year ago, the oncologist said it was probably a benign tremor caused by the trauma he had been through. Since then he has developed many other syptoms which point to Parkinsons. I am certain that is going to be the next diagnosis, not really fair is it?

PepsiTwirl Thu 13-Nov-14 22:18:34


Nittyb Thu 13-Nov-14 22:28:01

Triplets - I hope you have had the neurologist appt. if he has been diagnosed with Parkinson's find out if there us a Parkinson's nurse, they are a fantastic support, and also look at the Parkinson's UK website , lots of information & support .

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