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Anyone had a whitlow?

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anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:28:29

It is hurting so much, throbbing continually

My own fault, I picked at a piece of nail the other day

If anyone has had one has it gone on its own?

I have just red I might need antibiotics and if there is any pus (sorry!!!) then a small cut may have to be made under a local may be required

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:29:05

In my toe!!!!!!

waterfalls Tue 26-Sep-06 19:29:27

stab it with a sterilised pin.

southeastastra Tue 26-Sep-06 19:29:30

have you got any magnesium sulphate to draw it out? my dad used to get them

waterfalls Tue 26-Sep-06 19:30:25

Are you sure its not an ingrown nail?

anniediv Tue 26-Sep-06 19:30:26

I had to go and have it 'lanced' in A&E. It was SO painful. I had antibios and it soon went. I felt so pathetic sitting in A&E but I was in so much pain it woke me up and NHS Direct advised I go to the hospital.

trinityrhino Tue 26-Sep-06 19:33:19

isn't it a wicklow? sorry not helpful at all

hope you feel better soon

waterfalls Tue 26-Sep-06 19:35:36

No, I think wicklow is a town in Ireland.

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:35:44

I dont want to go to casualty!! lol

I am hoping if I leave it a day or 2 that it will go on its own, thats if I can stand the pain

No way could I stab it!! lol

Don't know why I am putting lol, it really hurts!!

anniediv Tue 26-Sep-06 19:37:36

Anniebear, someone advised me to put it in water as hot as I could stand it, and that would draw the pus out until it popped, but I couldn't face it!

waterfalls Tue 26-Sep-06 19:37:47

Seriously if you can see that there is pus inside, stab it, the pain will go instantly.

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:40:42

No I haven't got a wicklow!!!!! lol

I'm pretty sure its not an in growing toe nail as I did pick at a piece of nail down the side of my big toe, (I didn't mean to pull it so much and it did go deep down and hurt!) a few days ago

I have just read that they occur if the cuticle is broken then infection gets in

So it sounds like it is one

My DD bit her finger nail a few weeks ago and got what looked like one! But hers healed on its own

Please please let mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:41:58

Just read about hot water but then people had left comments and said this didnt work, just made it more painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

waterfalls Tue 26-Sep-06 19:42:37

stab it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

poppiesinaline Tue 26-Sep-06 19:43:14

ooo I had one as a kid and I remember the pain even now, My mum used to draw out the pus twice a day with a hot pultus (sp?) and I mean HOT. I used to cry and scream.

southeastastra Tue 26-Sep-06 19:44:12

you can get magnesium sulphate over the counter, it's good stuff

JessaJam Tue 26-Sep-06 19:45:05

Shove it in hot-as-you-can-stand'll pop (mmmmm niiice) and the pressure will be relived and the infection drawn out.

Blandmum Tue 26-Sep-06 19:45:33

Is there any pus!!!!! Wow, can there be pus! I lanced one once and it fair erupted. Once the pressure was off it felt a lot easier.

Magnesium suphate paste can help to draw it out.

The hot water thing also helps

I have had a few and never needed antibiotics, bathed it in salt water etc

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:46:25

Think I will just go and get the rolling pin and knock myself out lol

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:49:10

Doesnt look loads of pus. I can see a little yellow dot lol

You should see me (no actually you don't want to)

Its hard being overweight and trying to get your leg in the air to examine the side of your toe lol lol

Glad I drew the curtains now

Yes, there is a small line of it along the nail, doesnt look much but then I wouldn't know as I haven't had one before!!!

Yorkiegirl Tue 26-Sep-06 19:50:02

Message withdrawn

anniediv Tue 26-Sep-06 19:52:49

Squeeze it really hard to bring all the pus to one point, then stab it, then come back on here and tell us about it!

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:53:42

If I did that, I wouldn't even make it make to the pc to tell you about it!!! lol

anniebear Tue 26-Sep-06 19:54:47

why do I get the feeling some of you are enjoying my pain

lol lol lol

anniediv Tue 26-Sep-06 19:56:36

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